Brisbane Metro – Vicki Howard

All-electric Brisbane Metro depot nears completion


The construction of Australia’s largest electric bus depot is almost complete.


Inspecting works on the facility today, Brisbane Civic Cabinet Chair for Transport Ryan Murphy said the depot at Rochedale would soon deliver the turn-up-and-go Metro services, which start in 2024.


“This 10-hectare depot will be the home of our fleet of 60 all-electric Metros, along with the ability to expand the future capacity to 100 vehicles.” Cr Murphy said.


“The Brisbane Metro will change the way people travel along the busway by allowing them to throw out the timetable and just turn-up-and-go, with services every 5 minutes during peak-hour.”


“The majority of construction works across the 10-hectare site have now been completed including the installation of charging facilities, 500 tonnes of structural steel used for building works and more than 25 kilometres of in-ground communications and electrical services.


“There have been 2339 solar panels installed on the roof of the administration and maintenance buildings which will generate 1 megawatt of energy.


“That’s enough energy to power 280 homes while the reduced carbon emissions are the equivalent of taking more than 500 cars off the road.”


Charging infrastructure has been installed in partnership with Hitachi Energy and includes 5 fast chargers capable of recharging a Metro in just over 6 minutes.


The site is also fitted with 60 plug-in slow chargers, designed to optimise the battery life of vehicles.


Cr Murphy said the depot was on target to achieve a 5 Star Green Star rating for sustainability upon completion.


“The Brisbane Metro will be one of the greenest forms of transport in Queensland,” he said.


“The depot will include the use of harvested rainwater, recycled water for the vehicle wash facility and the capacity to generate up to 1 megawatt of solar power.


“As construction winds down, fleet Metros will start to arrive progressively at the depot as commissioning activities commence.


The depot is being constructed by Council in partnership with ADCO Constructions and is anticipated to be completed in early 2024 ahead of first services commencing late that year.