Central Ward Infrastructure WINS

Central Ward Infrastructure WINS

Central Budget Infrastructure WINS as suburbs reap the benefits of record Schrinner Council Budget.

Neighbourhoods across Brisbane will reap the rewards from a $3.1 billion cash splash over the next 12 months with the Schrinner Council focussing its spending on infrastructure and services in the suburbs.

Figures in the 2021-22 Budget reveal 86 per cent of the Council’s investment into making Brisbane even better would be undertaken in the city’s 190 suburbs with local roads and traffic improvements the biggest winner.

New and improved parks, better footpaths, improvements to local shopping strips and additional sport and community facilities are all part of the Schrinner Council’s suburban spending spree.

“We’re determined to make Brisbane even better because better suburbs are the key,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.

“And we’re doing that by focussing our spending where most Brisbane residents live, work and relax – which is in local suburbs.

“No matter where you live in Brisbane, you’ll see improvements happening over the next 12 months in your local area because it’s vital that we invest to cater for the city’s growth and to stimulate the economy as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Spending in the suburbs this year includes:

➢ 86 per cent of all funding directed to the suburbs
➢ Pilot of food and organic waste disposal in green bins
➢ $154.4 million for Public Transport Subsidy, the highest ever
➢ $7.4 million for Kerbside Collection services
➢ $8.3 million for two new locally-built double-decker CityCats
➢ $25.5 million for ferry terminal upgrades
➢ $26.3 million for new or upgraded footpaths and bikeways
➢ $1.6 million for Safer Paths to Schools
➢ $719,000 for SAMs for Schools
➢ $11 million for Village Precinct Projects
➢ $176.5 million for road upgrades in the suburbs
➢ $83.7 million for neighbourhood, suburban or district park upgrades
➢ $549,000 for new Ninja Courses and scooter tracks
➢ $16.5 million for the Norman Creek 2012-2031 and Oxley Creek Transformation projects
➢ $1.4 million for a new library at Everton Park
➢ $219,000 for new Women’s Sheds

The 2021-22 Budget includes a major investment into suburban streets with more than 400 roads scheduled for resurfacing and $176.5 million earmarked for more than 80 congestion-busting projects and improvements.

“Our Council owns almost 5800 kilometres of roads so it’s important we continue to undertake the maintenance and improvement works that are necessary so residents can get where they’re going faster and safer,” Cr Schrinner said.

The Schrinner Council will continue rolling out 100 electronic SAM signs around schools to encourage motorists to slow down so children can travel to and from school safer.

The 2021-22 Budget invests record amounts in the city’s bus, CityCat and ferry network which carries millions of passengers each year.

“The $154.5 million we’ll spend this year to subsidise the cost of public transport is a good investment for our city because fewer cars on our roads doesn’t just mean less congestion, it also means fewer emissions which is good for our environment,” Cr Schrinner said.

“We’re also ensuring our public transport network continues to improve by trialling electric buses, building two new locally-sourced double-decker CityCats and investing in new and upgraded ferry terminals at Howard Smith Wharves and South Bank.”

The city’s footpaths and bikeways will receive significant investment over the next 12 months which is an important initiative because they help Brisbane residents maintain active and healthy lifestyles.

The Schrinner Council will also spend $215 million improving suburban parks with new and improved facilities and maintenance.

“In a sub-tropical climate like Brisbane’s, it’s great to get outdoors and our local parks are where most of us like to spend time,” Cr Schrinner said. 

“That’s why we’re spending $83.7 million delivering on improvements which include 58 playground upgrades as well as new Ninja Courses and scooter tracks.”

A further $11 million will also be spent through the Village Precinct Project under which local shopping strips are being revived to attract new tenants and support the economy.

“Everyone wants to see their local shopping strip thrive because it makes their neighbourhood better,” Cr Schrinner said.

“By investing in these shopping strips, we’ll help make them more vibrant destinations.” 



I am pleased to have secured the following funding this year for you – 


Preliminary Road Designs Service:

Butterfield Streert – Herston $425 000

Local Access Network Improvements Service:

Allison Street at Abbotsford Road – Bowen Hills $248 000

Retaining Walls and Embankments Service:

Ann Street Wall Repairs – Fortitude Valley $137 000

Ivory Street Retaining Wall Maintenance – Fortitude Valley – $45 000

Montpelier Road Embankment Stabilisation – Bowen Hills $111 000

Road Construction Minor Traffic Density Service:

Abbott Street – New Farm $201 000

Major Traffic Improvements – Intersections  Service:

Adelaide Street and Wharf Street – Brisbane City $505 000

Boardwalk Rehabilitation Service

City Reach Riverwalk – Brisbane City $3 987 000

Cutters Landing Renewal – New Farm $1 875 000

Powerhouse Riverwalk – New Farm $397 000

Bridges and Culverts Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Service:

Bowen Bridge Road Bridge Investigation – Bowen Hills $108 000

Inner City Bypass Bridge Drainage Repairs – Bowen Hills $1 940 000

Victoria Bridge Repainting Specification Development – Brisbane City $95 000

William Jolly Bridge Abutment and Pier Investigation, Concrete Repairs GAntry Planning and Trail Waterproofing  – $1 912 000

Kerb and Channel Service:

Ann Street $100 000

Bailey Street $111 000

Scanlan Street $79 000

Roads Network Resurfacing Service:

Abbotsford Road $364 000

Adelaide Street $538 000

Alden Street $75 000

Alice Street $83 000

Ann Street $518 000

Bailey Street $79 000

Brunswick Street $227 000

Campbell Street $210 000

Commercial Road $752 000

Ella Street $29 000

Exhibition Street $47 000

Gilbey Lane $29 000

Helen Street $179 000

Hipwood Street $101 000

Locke Street $26 000

Mark Street $118 000

Mulgrave Street $32 000

Park Street $59 000

Scanlan Street $90 000

Turbot Street $255 000

Watson Street $ 38 000

Maintaining Suburban Parks  Service:

King Edward Park Spring Hill $63 000

Memorials and Heritage Assets Restoration Service:

Observatory Park – Spring Hill  $157 000

Upgrading Facilities in Parks  Service:

Bowen Park – Bowen Hills $107 000

Drainage Construction and Resilience  Service:

Carrol Lane – Spring Hill $32 000

Stormwater Infrastructure Service:

East Street – Fortitude Valley $1 100 000

Elystan Road – New Farm $1 540 000

Wickham Street – Fortitude Valley $1 980 000

Stormwater Drainage Rehabilitation

Birley Street – Spring Hill $168 000

Brunswick Street – New farm $456 000

Footpath and Bikeway Reconstruction  Service:

Abbotsford Road – Bowen Hills $107 000

Brunswick Street – Fortitude Valley $101 000

Brunswick Street – New Farm $109 000

James Street – Fortitude Valley $ 284 000

Mary Street – Brisbane $284 000

Merthyr Road – New Farm $488 000

Patterson Street Design  – Teneriffe $54 000

Petrie Terrace – Brisbane $49 000

Queen Street – Brisbane $270 000

Roma Street – Brisbane $491 000


For more information about the Schinner Council’s Building a Better Brisbane Budget just visit https://vickihoward.com/ and www.brisbane.qld.gov.au