Vernon Terrace tree removal request

Recently Council was asked by the Body Corporate at Winchcombe Carson Woolstores, to look at removal of three street trees in front of their property because they are damaging their building.

Council officers assessed the request and, based on the damage being done to the Winchcombe Carson property, and the footpath, approved for these juvenile figs to be removed.

The juvenile figs on the other side of Vernon Terrace are also doing damage, and officers suggest removal at this location as well.

I am told by Council’s professional arborists that these juvenile figs, on both sides of the street will cause a great deal more damage to the properties if left as they are and not replaced now.

I am concerned with any potential removal of trees, and would like to hear the thoughts of locals prior to a final decision being made so please email me today at

Engine Room operator announced.

Council has approved the proposal for Uniting Hands Foundation to operate the café in the historic Engine Room.

Uniting Hands Foundation is a registered charity and social enterprise whose work supports people at risk of and experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and unemployment.

They are a social enterprise with a big heart, proven experience in the restaurant industry, and will be offering traineeships for vulnerable people within the community.

This commitment will see a two-fold benefit for locals – a great new opportunity for everyone to experience our beautiful rivers edge lifestyle, and an organisation giving back to the disadvantaged.
Two tenders were received for the Engine Room and Council is looking to continue discussions with the other social enterprise, to explore other alternative sites to start their venture.