Brisbane’s popular fenced dog parks re-open from today


Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has announced Council’s popular off leash dog parks will progressively re-open across the city from today, after they were shut in March due to the escalation of coronavirus cases.


All 131 dog parks are expected to be open by tomorrow morning to ensure Brisbane’s dog population is free to frolic off leash at Council dog parks on the weekend.


“This is a first step in Council’s staged plan to get the city back to a semblance of normal and our very popular facilities open again,” Cr Schrinner said.


“With the guidance of the Chief Health Officer, and in light of the relaxation of the State social distancing directive because of the low rates of new cases, I am very happy to re-open dog parks.


“Dogs are cherished members of many households, and regular and robust exercise and stimulation help with dog behavioural issues such as barking, whimpering and fretting.


“With all of our fully-fenced off-leash areas closed since March 30, it has been difficult, but we have entered a new chapter in the recovery from coronavirus in Brisbane.


“What every one of us now has to realise is life will be different for some time yet, so we have to ensure we are ultra-vigilant and do not breach social distancing directives and people wash their hands with soap before and after leaving the park. If you can, take some hand sanitiser with you,” Cr Schrinner said.


“Our three foreshore areas and 20 unfenced or partially-unfenced off-leash areas have remained open over the past six weeks, but we know these areas don’t suit all pets’ needs and the re-opening of the fenced areas will be a welcome treat for many families.


“It is important that if you get to your local dog park and it’s crowded to take your dog for a walk and come back another time when there are less people to ensure it’s safe for social distancing.”


With more people anticipated to start moving around the city in light of the easing restrictions, Cr Schrinner reminded residents of the safe social distancing measures in place to help protect the community, especially while staying active and healthy.


“Council is on standby to roll out our plan to re-open our facilities such as playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment and re-start activities once we receive a directive from Queensland Health,” Cr Schrinner said.


“We do not have dates, this is all dependent on the State Government; but we are ready.


“We are still in a crucial stage of our fight against coronavirus, so I remind people to continue to also make use of on-leash areas across our other Council parks, as well as the many walking trails and Brisbane streets that still make for great exercise and bonding time with our animals.”


As we start to bring more and more of our pets back into the community, Council also reminds owners of the importance of responsible pet ownership, which means that you must register and microchip your dog if you live in Brisbane, and should keep up-to-date with vaccinations and worming.


Council will continue to follow the directives of the Australian Government and Queensland Health and heed their expert health advice to help minimise the transmission of coronavirus.


For information visit or call Council on 07 3403 8888.