We are rewarding responsible pet ownership by offering registration discounts of up to 65 per cent for some dog owners.


Brisbane was a dog-friendly city with more than 107,000 registered dogs and this new discount reflected Council’s commitment to give back to responsible dog owners.


“Bringing a new dog home is an exciting time, so we are significantly reducing the registration fees for the first year, with some dropping to as low as just $25.40,” Cr Howard said.


“You must register your dog if you live in Brisbane, with puppies to be registered by the time they are 12 weeks old.


“This significantly reduced fee will not only ease the cost of dog ownership in the first 12 months, but also reward responsible owners with a lower fee for desexed dogs.


“Desexing can prevent unwanted litters and the unfortunate situation of animals ending up in rehoming centres, as most dog breeds produce litters from six months old.


“It has other benefits including reducing aggressive, territorial behaviour and the desire to roam.”

The new discounted registration fees aligned with RSPCA’s Operation Wanted, a Council-sponsored initiative that provided participating vets with a 20 per cent desexing discount.


“There are 40 vets offering this discounted incentive, which makes it accessible to dog owners right across the suburbs,” Cr Howard said.


“RSPCA aims to desex more than 3500 pets during their 2019 campaign and every single dog desexed as part of this program will then be eligible for Council’s reduced registration rate for a desexed dog.”


Registration fees help support the work of animal rehoming centres that receive more than 5000 animals each year as well as help to create and maintain more than 120 dog off-leash areas in Brisbane.


Dog registration prices:

  • Desexed dogs:
    • $38.10 for the first year
    • $50.75 for ongoing renewal
  • Non-desexed dogs:
    • $109.15 for the first year
    • $145.55 for ongoing renewal
  • Dogs and puppies adopted through an approved facility (Council Rehoming Centres, RSPCA, and selected pet shops that sell adopted dogs and puppies):
    • $25.40