Small Business Package

My ambition for Brisbane for the next decade and that includes building Australia’s most small business friendly city.

Our team  is helping to create a city of neighbourhoods by bringing new life to retail precincts in the suburbs while backing small business with more support and lower fees.

Small businesses are the backbone of Brisbane’s economy, with more than 124,000 small businesses providing local goods and services across our city.

We’re backing small businesses by providing a $2 million reduction in fees and charges helping to support new suburban dining, food vans and business advertising with a higher discount offered to start-ups to help them thrive and grow at a time when they most need the help.

The discounts offered will be focussed on fees and charges that small business are most often impacted by, such as suburban footpath dining permits, food van licences, market stall fees and business advertising applications.

We’ve also announced a new policy to ensure 80 per cent of Council’s procurement is to Brisbane and South East Queensland businesses and that Council will preference quotes from local suppliers first for contracts of $250,000 or less.

Small scale businesses can end up being mid and even big businesses with the right support, and we want to provide opportunities for new businesses to grow and stay in Brisbane.