James Robertson Doggett CONCEPT 2024


Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and I want to get you home sooner and safer on our roads.


That’s why we support sensible solutions that keep our roads accessible to vehicles so you can get to where you work, rest, or play whether by car or public transport.

We oppose risky and radical changes to our network, that lead to significant parking losses, particularly around the Ann Street Fortitude Valley area. 


The Federal Government’s Black Spot program targets roads and intersections where there has been a recorded history of accidents and near misses.


Brisbane City Council identifies several intersections annually to be submitted to the Federal Government for Black Spot funding.


This year, Council has identified the intersection of James, Robertson and Doggett Streets as one of the potential locations in need of safety improvements based on recent data.


We would be looking at sensible changes to traffic movements from Robertson and Doggett streets which would reduce the impact on the road network and ensure that safety of all road users is prioritised.


A concept image is above.


Over the years, some have suggested traffic lights or a roundabout, which would mean there would be significant parking loss and would require expensive land resumptions to facilitate these changes.


As we all use the James Street corridor, I’d like your thoughts on this intersection – take my two-minute survey below.


If you are around, come along to my special Mobile Office on Tuesday 30th January outside Lulu Lemon from 4-6 PM.


James Robertson Doggett Street Potential BLACK SPOT Upgrades

Form to go on http://vickihoward.com/contact/

  • Do you support keeping our roads accessible for motor vehicles
  • In order to make the James and Robertson / Doggett Street intersection safer, do you support the turning movement restrictions as indicated in the above image?
  • Do you have any other workable suggestions?
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