Vicki planting the first of the 2500 new roses in New Farm Park 2018 

We are always planning for the future whilst considering and caring for the past.

New Farm Park is one of the 35 State listed heritage parks located in Brisbane

New Farm Park covers 15 hectares of land and has been used as a Council park since 1914. The park is heritage listed, with inclusion in Council’s local heritage register and a full citation in the Queensland State Heritage Register. The land is bounded by Brunswick Street and Sydney Street in New Farm.

Today, New Farm Park includes:

  • rose gardens, mature jacarandas and poincianas
  • an Edwardian bandstand
  • an internal ring road
  • sporting fields (croquet, tennis, football) and a basketball half court
  • two playground nodes and picnic facilities
  • coffee kiosks
  • open landscape areas
  • New Farm Park Library
  • New Farm Park ferry terminal and river hub.

The park also enjoys vistas to the city skyline, as well as the Brisbane River, and neighbours the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Recently Brisbane City Council consulted with the community to help create a vision for New Farm Park. Feedback gathered helped Council understand what you love about the park and how you want to use it in the future.

We’re protecting and improving greenspace to make it easier for you to enjoy your city’s great lifestyle. The New Farm Park vision is part of Council’s commitment to enhancing and maintaining more than 2160 parks across the city.

Council released the New Farm Park Vision in January 2023.   Any actions Council has identified in the vision will be subject to future budget prioritisation and allocations.

The Vision can be downloaded at this link – 

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