New Farm Park Rose Prune 2024

New Farm Park Rose Prune 2024


A team of gardeners have rolled up their sleeves and started the annual pruning of more than 7000 roses at New Farm Park.


The important tradition helps the much-loved floral display bloom bigger, better and more vibrant come springtime.


New Farm Park is a major attraction in Brisbane with more 200,000 people visiting the park each year and one of the most popular areas is the picturesque rose garden.


The garden is tended to year-round; however, the largest pruning is completed in winter when the plants are in a dormant or semi-dormant state.


This reduces stress on the plants and is more efficient for gardeners with less leaves making it easier to remove unhealthy growth and shape the flowers’ structure.


The first roses were planted in 1928 by Parks Superintendent Henry Moore.


Now there are three main types of roses – Heritage roses, Floribunda roses and Hybrid tea roses.


The pruning process takes about two weeks and the roses tend to bloom eight to ten weeks after.


Residents are encouraged to visit the park to see the behind-the-scenes efforts as well as make a return visit in spring to see the roses in full bloom.


We all know Brisbane has the best lifestyle in Australia and one of our major drawing cards is our incredible New Farm Park.


Each year residents and visitors from all over come for gatherings and celebrations, and to relax, exercise and connect to nature.


The rose garden is the most picturesque place to enjoy the best New Farm Park has to offer.


I feel incredibly blessed to represent such a vibrant and beautiful area of Brisbane and I want to thank the dedicated Council Officers who work hard to keep the garden this way.


I encourage all residents to take the time to visit in just a couple of months’ time to enjoy the beauty and quite literally smell the roses after the New Farm Park Rose Prune 2024 finishes.