Vicki Howard Composting HUBDid you know that the average Brisbane household throws away $40 worth of food every week? That adds up to over $2000 of wasted food per household per year.1

Save Money Save Food is our free, three-week text challenge, designed to help you save money and food.

Participants will receive tips, hacks, videos and recipes via text messages sent to their mobile device.

It’s easy to start our Save Money Save Food challenge. Text the word ‘food’ to 0481 889 889 and you’ll receive 10 messages over a three-week period with simple tips and hacks to help prevent food waste.

Complete the end-of-challenge survey for the chance to win a food saver pack. 

Cost of Brisbane’s top five most wasted foods

You might be shocked to learn the average cost per 100 grams of Brisbane’s top five most wasted foods.2

This table includes the average cost per 100 grams of food by type.

Food    Average cost (per 100 grams)
Beef    $4.80
Pork    $3.80
Salad leaves    $3.20
Chicken    $2.10
Bread    $1.60

How the challenge was designed

In our current economic times, most Brisbane households want to reduce waste and save money.

Save Money Save Food helps households to be more resourceful by targeting three key steps in the household food journey.

  1. Plan
  2. Prepare
  3. Store.

PPS is an easy way to remember these steps.

Text messages are timed around these three steps. It’s curated to consider what’s in season and Brisbane’s top three most wasted foods:

  1. Meat
  2. Salad greens
  3. Bread.

After the challenge

Complete the end-of-challenge survey (provided at the end of week three) to have the chance to win one of 10 food saver packs per quarter valued at $52. Terms and conditions apply. The food saver packs include:

  • Grow It Local seeds
  • OzHarvest Use It Up tape – for use in your fridge, freezer or pantry
  • OzHarvest’s Everyday Cookbook – includes 30 recipes with food waste tips
  • silicone food covers – to keep your food fresh.

Once you complete the challenge and end-of-challenge survey:

  • tell your family, friends and neighbours about how much money you saved
  • share your favourite food waste prevention tips
  • encourage others in your social networks to take the challenge.

You may inspire others to take the challenge, thereby boosting the impact of your action to save money and food.

Food is priceless, so let’s save it, not waste it!