new and improved footpaths across Brisbane

new and improved footpaths across Brisbane


THE Schrinner Council poured enough concrete into new and improved footpaths across Brisbane last financial year to cover Suncorp Stadium’s hallowed turf more than 15 times over.


Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the huge amount of work undertaken during 2020-21 demonstrated the job of maintaining Brisbane’s 5000 km long footpath network, particularly given the large number of trees along our city’s streets.


“If you connected all of Brisbane’s footpaths together, residents could walk to Alice Springs and back and every day we’re working to make journeys on foot safer,” Cr Schrinner said.


“This financial year we’re investing a record $45 million to improve and expand our footpath network.


“In the past year, we’ve completed 168,969 square metres of maintenance and construction. This includes more than 1580 general maintenance repairs, replacing nearly 24,500 square metres of footpaths and creating more than 39,164 square metres of new ones.


“When footpath repairs are needed, we act quickly to make them safe, and over the past financial year we’ve also fixed more than 2300 footpath displacements and ground down more than 65,300 square metres of footpath to stop trip hazards.


“Footpath repairs are a bread and butter part of my Council’s core business and the most common causes of broken footpaths are not what you’d think.


“Everyone loves our beautiful tree-lined streets but tree roots and ground movement are actually the most common causes of cracks and uneven pathways. Utility works with sewerage, electricity and water as well as people illegally parking over them and driveways are also other culprits.”


Cr Schrinner said he also understood why many residents preferred tree cover over concrete footpaths.


“Each year, our local councillors invest in new footpaths through their Suburban Enhancement Fund but we’ve often found that a lot of residents are happy to keep their beautiful tree-lined streets instead,” he said.


“On top the Suburban Enhancement Fund, my Council is continuing to invest a record amount in new footpath projects and within our $45 million footpath budget is the continuation of our Safer Paths to Schools program.


“My Council kicked this important program off in 2020 because we recognised the importance of helping families get to and from school safer.”


Residents play an important part in footpath maintenance by reporting footpaths that need repair. If a resident comes across a broken footpath, they can call Council’s contact centre on 3403 8888. All reported footpath repairs will be made safe within 24 hours. 


For more information on how we are creating better infrastructure this year just visit or if you need to report a footpath that needs attention just visit